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Thanks for a great 2012

With some help from the WordPress people he prepared this post about our first years as bloggers.

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 2 900 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 5 years to get that many views.

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Bambi, anyone?

Winter is a challenging season for runners, at least for those of us who love the soft feeling of the forest trails beneath our soles and despise the hard and monotonous thud-thud of the treadmill. Luckily, there are other options. Cross country skiing is supposed to be one of the best forms of cross training for runners, training not only one’s feet and legs, but also the upper body. And, in some cases, the balance. Ever since a close friend’s older sister shoved me down from balancing on a wooden fence as a kid, I’ve worked hard on improving my balance. Read more

Merry Christmas!

Mom’s gesture at 7 am this morning through the kitchen window said it all. A smile and a gentle tap to her forehead with her index finger. You guys are lunatics. But we’d like to maintain that there’s no better way to start a Christmas morning than with an early run, in some places shuffling through ankle-deep and untouched snow, down Järkholmsvägen that passes by the sea. In an hour, it will be time to sing in Christmas with my old choir, Gothenburg’s Boys Choir, in Kristus Konungens Church. And then, the holidays will have really started. Merry Christmas!




The frosty-faced runner

OK, so it’s been a pretty busy week. Only one night on call (tonight), but full workdays and last-minute-christmas shopping has taken it’s toll. Christmas eve at mom’s and dad’s will be a sorely welcome respite. So, what have we been up to? Well, planning next year, of course, and trying to get some running done in between work and sleep. Our Danish coach Christian has generously been piling up the kilometres for us in our training programme, but despite our best efforts we sometimes miss some scheduled runs due to, simply, life intervening. This week has seen me lace up my shoes only thrice, and today’s long run had to be scratched in order to take a breather after a full workweek and prior to a whole night of work at the neonatal intensive care unit. Read more

Skiing season premiere

Finally!!! The powder premiere of the winter season 2012/2013! This weekend is spent combining the best of all worlds: family, friends, snow, skiing, leg training and good food. The thermometer keeps dipping below -15, and the wind is simply merciless on the mountain tip. And the snow just keeps on falling. Wonderful!

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Afraid of the dark

“I’m afraid of the dark”, exclaimed Marcus Torgeby, a high calibre ultra runner, once a promising star in the Swedish National Youth Running squad. It’s a perplexing statement coming from a man who’s just explaining to a packed auditorium that he spent four years living in a lavvu in the deep, dark forests of Jämtland. You are excused if you don’t know what a lavvu is, as the Sami population around 100 years ago stopped living in this rather temporary tent-like structure when they discovered the benefits of housing. And for those unfamiliar with the Swedish geography and ecology, Jämtland is like Belgium – if you just remove the population and cover it in a dense forest of evergreens. Astonishing when experienced with friends in a warm and cozy cottage, horrifying when experienced alone in a tent, one hour away from your nearest neighbor. Read more

Winter and sunshine

This morning saw us wake up to a stunning morning in Oslo. It was crispy cold at -12°C, with bright sunlight shining through our slanted roof windows at a sharp angle. Perfect day for this weeks long run of 2,5 hours. We went for one of my favourite runs, not being entirely certain the narrow forest trail would be runnable after all the snow falls this week. But lo, and behold! The trail was even better than it normally is, but slippery as glass where the little creeks had overflowed during the autumnal torrents. But not even a slip, crashlanding straight on my kneecap, could ruin this fantastic morning. Read more

Another feat to cap off a fabulous year for Lisa

We have written about Lisa Nordén in an earlier post, but we would like to mention her again today as she was recently awarded the Svenska Dagbladets guldmedalj, commonly referred to as Bragdguldet or the Feat Gold. The gold medal is awarded to an individual athlete or a team who has accomplished “the greatest Swedish sporting feat of the year”. The roster of former winners includes among others the Swedish National Football team, Ingemar Stenmark and Anja Pärson.

This is the medal Jakob & Jakob are after in 2025.

This is the medal Jakob & Jakob are after in 2025.

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Planning the events of 2013

Busy weekend being on call both Saturday and now Sunday night. Well, that’s what’s fun with this job. The final month of a fabulous year is finally upon us. Up here in Norway, darkness settles earlier and earlier each day and the quicksilver in our thermometer stubbornly refuses to climb into the red zone, lounging down by the blue double digits. Winter is coming, for all of you Game Of Thrones-fellow nerds out there. The athletic pinnacle for us this year was without a shadow of a doubt the Trail du Verdon this summer. Read more