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New stash from INOV8

As we’ve written earlier in this blog, INOV8 are sponsoring us with both shoes and backpacks for our run. I haven’t tried the new Roclite 295 yet, but will be lacing ’em up for the first time on Thursday afternoon’s 25k long run. Their backpack, Race Elite 25, also arrived in the mail before the weekend and my first impression is: WOW! Read more

Presenting Chillout Travel Centre – our newest partner!

Gentlemen and ladies, Jakob & Jakob are very excited and pleased to announce a brand new partnership with Chillout Travel Centre. Chillout is one of our cosy oases in Oslo where we often come to enjoy a cup of coffee while sauntering through their shop, browsing through it’s huge variety of travel literature and closely examining their multicoloured backpacks. Read more

Snakes for breakfast?

Yesterday’s long rung was scheduled for 06.00 a.m. by the forest trails of Skatås in Göteborg. Even though the snow cover wasn’t as deep as in Oslo, there was still a light sparkling of dusty white over the trails here as well. Apart from bunkering up some miles in our legs, we were also supposed to try out our new camping stove which we will bring to the Sahara. Jakob & Jakob’s accumulated camping experience over the years is quite poor, and what can we say? We love our feathered beds, bacon and egg-breakfasts and gourmet dinners. Read more

New 10k personal bests

We’ve been lying low on quantity the last couple of weeks, concentrating instead on intervals and toughening up our muscles, teaching them to withstand the pain of lactic acid. Training intervals is at it’s core about one thing, and one thing only: getting as close to your own personal lactate threshold (the intensity where you run almost as fast as you can, but slightly below max so as not to accumulate lactic acid in your muscles, thereby terminating your exercise) as possible, pushing the limit ever upwards in order to become faster and stronger. Read more

The greatest runner of all time?

The question is often entertainingly debated and has contributed to many an interesting discussion over dinner tables in families more than mildly interested in the sport. Haile Gebrselassie, for instance, has two Olympic gold medals (10 000 m in Atlanta and Sydney) and four World Championship gold medals, being the first person to break the 2.04-barrier in the marathon (Berlin, 2008). On the other hand, the flying finn, Paavo Nurmi, dominated running during the early 20th century and ruled supreme in the Olympics of the twenties. He is second on the overall list of most olympic gold medals (9), being beaten only by Michael Phelps. Read more

Cross Country Stumbling

Cross country skiing is supposed to be one of the best alternative training modes for running, not only strengthening your legs, but also improving your balance, your coordination (ski poles are tricky) and your upper body strength. Last weekend, Jakob & Jakob found themselves in the lesser travelled forests and highlands north of Lillehammer, borrowing a cabin from a close relative. As cabins go, this one was marvellous in all it’s simplicity and extreme cosiness. But since it lacks running water, a WC and central heating, you need to take care of all of this yourself. Read more

A New Crewmember!

Please say hello to our newest crew member: chiropractor Martin Klcovansky! Martin works in Göteborg at Citysjukhuset +7 and treats a wide variety of patients, but specialises in sports injuries in both amateurs such as ourselves and professional athletes. He has very generously agreed to collaborate with us and help us reach our goal of staying fit, healthy and injury-free. One of the basic rules in Jakob & Jakob’s general philosophies of training states that one should surround oneself with people smarter than yourself to surpass the limits one wishes to cross. Read more