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Presenting Chillout Travel Centre – our newest partner!

Gentlemen and ladies, Jakob & Jakob are very excited and pleased to announce a brand new partnership with Chillout Travel Centre. Chillout is one of our cosy oases in Oslo where we often come to enjoy a cup of coffee while sauntering through their shop, browsing through it’s huge variety of travel literature and closely examining their multicoloured backpacks. Not only is it one of the more amiable places to come for a cappuccino, but people from all around Oslo come here to be travellistically inspired (I think we just made up a word there) and to procure the bare necessities for travels all around the globe. Backpackers and posh-trotters alike will find everything their heart desires and more. They have a small but exhaustive library brimming over with not only travel guides and maps but also among the better books written on the subject of travel, including by Charlie Boorman and Michael Palin. Chillout is owned and run by the enthusiastic and jovial duo Fredrik and Jarle who spend their time behind the counter doling out advice about which restaurants to visit in Buenos Aires or informing you of which bars to avoid in Saigon. This intimate knowledge of the eight corners of the world is something they share with the rest of their crew.

Look at all these pretty books!

Look at all these pretty books!

Just walk up to the bar and confidently order a Cortado. You won’t be disappointed.

The perfect place to Chillout after your coffee... (see what we did there?)

The perfect place to Chillout after your coffee… (see what we did there?)

Chillout will be helping us to find reasonably priced items needed for our trek across the Sahara during our desert ultramarathon Marathon des Sables. Among other things, they know which Swiss Army knives are the best, which sleeping bags and air mattresses are the lightest and what First Aid Kits and disinfectants are the most effective. We are extremely happy that they have agreed to assist us for our trek, and we can assure you that there was no arm-twisting involved. We promise.

Not the backpacks we'll be using, but sturdy all the same!

Not the backpacks we’ll be using, but sturdy all the same!

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