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A New Crewmember!

Please say hello to our newest crew member: chiropractor Martin Klcovansky! Martin works in Göteborg at Citysjukhuset +7 and treats a wide variety of patients, but specialises in sports injuries in both amateurs such as ourselves and professional athletes. He has very generously agreed to collaborate with us and help us reach our goal of staying fit, healthy and injury-free. One of the basic rules in Jakob & Jakob’s general philosophies of training states that one should surround oneself with people smarter than yourself to surpass the limits one wishes to cross. Our coaches, Christian and Stefan, are two of these people and our chiropractor Martin definitely belongs to this category. Not only is he extremely skilled in the subtle art of inflicting pain (the one that releases the rock-hard knots in your muscles after particularly hard training sessions), but he also manages to confer his knowledge in an easy-to-understand way for the more obtuse of his patients:

Hyptothetical patient, Mr J: “Yes, I know that my ankle is fractured, but can I run intervals on it?”

Chiropractor M: “Absolutely! Go right ahead. And when you’ve finished your lap, I have the speed dial of the surgeon who’ll amputate your leg…”

We call him our Master of Understatement. We still love him, though. And if you throw a peek at the picture below, you’ll understand why we need Göteborgs premier chiropractor on our team. In order to practice for Marathon des Sables, we need to get used to running with heavier backpacks than usual. If we manage to properly pack our gear, we hope to run with no more than 8 kg (the daily water supply is added on top of this). Until we get hold of our gear, we are training with bags of wheat flour in our backpacks. Like so:

Simply add two full bags, and voila! You have a fully loaded backpack!

Simply add two full bags, and voila! You have a fully loaded backpack!

Currently, we have 2 flour bags á 2 kg totalling 4 kg. That is why we need the tender care of Martin.

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