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Inspiration and motivation, two sides of the same coin?

When you google the words motivation and inspiration, you find two very different definitions. Many of us – including myself – often use the terms interchangeably, even though their actual meanings are very different.

Motivation is about pushing yourself to reach a certain goal. You are motivated when you have an idea of what you wish to accomplish and thus work hard at reaching your objective in a more or less disciplined way.

Inspiration originally means “the act of breathing in”. Inspiration is when a certain idea gets hold of you and carries you where you are meant to go.

Confused? Me too. The words mean the same thing, and yet, they do not. But I think that in my head, I see inspiration as the actual source of motivation. So here is a video that’s meant to inspire you with its pictures (they certainly inspired us!) and to motivate you with its words. Please enjoy.

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