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Dreaming about Norseman

Our hero, Lisa Nordén, did it again! On Sweden’s annual sport’s gala yesterday, she hit a trippel whammy winning The Performance of the Year, Best Female Athlete and the Jerringprize. The last prize is one of the most coveted athletic prizes in Sweden, being awarded by the Swedish people in a telephone vote over several weeks. Triathlon is once again, it seems, a hot topic. So much so actually, that one considers a comeback. Ah, to be swimming, cycling and running to exhaustion again…

Lisa, Lisa, Lisa!!!

Lisa, Lisa, Lisa!!!

Even though we’ve dreamt of Marathon des Sables for very long, we’ve been glancing over at Norseman almost as long. The world’s toughest triathlon. Why we want to race it? Take a look at this video.

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