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There came a letter…

…in the snail mail the other day and we’d like to share it with all of our readers. Sent by Unicef UK, it thanked us – and above all, all of YOU – for our kind donation of £ 2 135,74 during last year’s New York City Marathon. We are enormously grateful for your continuing support!

As of today, you have helped us raise € 1 125 for the Children’s Ward at Saint Francis’ Hospital in Zambia. We’re aiming for a total of € 2 500 and are almost halfway there! With only a week to go, see if you can spare some crowns, euros, dollars or pounds and donate to our cause. Remember: we’ll be sweating blood for our charity during an entire week in one of the most inhospitable places on God’s green earth, risking scorpion stings, dehydration and toe amputations. Go ahead and donate – you know you want to!

“On behalf of the children, and all of us at Unicef, thank you so much for your gift. Can you also pass on our thanks to those who sponsored and supported you through your fundraising.”

A Thank You-letter from Unicef UK

A Thank You-letter from Unicef UK

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