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The curse continues…

Despite taking every precaution imaginable, i.e. double checking all of my own and most of Jakob’s gear yesterday, setting the alarm for 03:50 a.m., booking a cab, catching the flight train with loads of time to spare, lovely AirBerlin has still managed to misplace my brightly coloured orange North Face bag with EVERY SINGLE ITEM OF GEAR NECESSARY FOR THE MARATHON DES SABLES, including a substantial amount of Jakob’s gear, among other things his shoes, all of his food, knife, lighter and socks.

Wonderful. We’re THIS close to not running our second consecutive race (hello, NYC Marathon)… Right now, we’re frantically contacting resellers to get hold of emergency stuff and airline companies to locate our bag.

The adventure continues, so stay tuned. Chances are we’ll be competing in jeans, loafers and cotton t-shirts, which will certainly be a first for MdeS, even for the French.

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  1. Shit va jobbigt!!!! Hoppas de hittar väskan snart.

    4 April, 2013

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