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Teaser trailer

I haven’t run a single step for 14 days. This self-imposed running celibacy has been due to the ankle I overstrained during the last two stages of the Marathon des Sables. I spent last week’s training sessions either on the bike, on the rowing machine or in the swimming pool. But today – finally – I was going to test my foot properly for the very first time since we returned from Morocco. Armed with a backpack, my trusted blue old Nimbuses and brand new GORE shorts I ran 8k (4.30) at a comfortable pace along the busy streets of Oslo. And do you know what? It rained! Lovely, wonderful rain! When I got back home I did an inventory of my current running shoes that you can see to the left. Notice any pattern? Even my desert INOV8s have an orange hue after the desert sand. Blue and orange, those are my colours. We should ask Asics to sponsor us. God knows I have every single model from last year’s collection. I kinda feel like ultrarunning’s Carrie Bradshaw.

We thought we’d give you a teaser trailer of one of the videos we took in the Sahara, in anticipation of the full-length motion picture. Please enjoy!

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