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Thank You To Our Donors And Sponsors

It feels like we finished Marathon des Sables only a couple of days ago but it’s been, in fact, almost a month. The irony of returning home to our regular routines in chilly Scandinavia has not been lost on us and as you probably imagine, it didn’t take long before we started planning our next adventure. But before we reveal our future plans we need to review our desert ultra from all possible angles. What did we miss? What can we do better next time? Have we learnt anything from our experience? The answer to these questions is usually invariably no since we never seem to learn from our mistakes when the next challenge comes along. Still, we believe a summing up and evaluation is in order. We are still working on our respective chronicles of the race but in this post we would like to thank you all for your support.


Screen dump from our charity page at

Screen dump from our charity page at

You have all helped us to surpass our goal for our charity which was to raise at least € 2 500 for The Children’s Ward at Saint Francis’ Hospital (SFH). The unbelievable sum of 40 donators have raised a total of € 2 575 which is absolutely amazing!!! We are humbled and grateful for your gifts and we promise that we will keep you updated as to what specific help your gifts have supplied the hospital with through the SFH Support Group. And during NY City Marathon last year you helped us raise more than 26 000 SEK (more than € 3 000) for UNICEF. Thank you! We will carefully consider which charity to raise money for during our next big project since we know that we can count on you to make a difference.

We would also like to send our sponsors a huge thank you. INOV-8 sponsored us with our lovely INOV-8 Roclites and they have carried us through every single step of the way. From the first to the two-hundred-and-thirtyfirst kilometre they have provided a steady grip and comfortable fit for our feet. We simply cannot imagine shoes better equipped to the harsh environments that we regularly race through. Chillout Travel Centre has provided us with huge discounts for several of our most important pieces of equipment, most importantly our life-saving sleeping bags from Western Mountaineering and our comfy mattresses from ThermARest. We would have had a harder time finishing the race without your help and support. Thank you all!

Our lovely INOV8 Roclites

Our lovely INOV8 Roclites

There's no doubt that I'm sleeping like a baby in my sleeping bag and on my mattress.

There’s no doubt that I’m sleeping like a baby in my sleeping bag and on my mattress.


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