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Some weeks, the hours simply don’t add up

And I end up being extremely grumpy, testing the angelic patience of miss H. It’s strange the way my body feels jittery and anxious if I miss my weekly fix of training. OK, I know I’m supposed to be tapering again, this time for NYC Marathon in two weeks… I missed this week’s long run of 27k and realistically, I didn’t have a chance of fitting it into this week’s already bursting schedule. And reading updates on FB from other members of the 28th Berber doesn’t soothe my nerves one bit, although their attempts at PB’s (huge congrats to the Silver Fox who managed a sub-3h marathon yesterday!) in Växjö Marathons and Sörmland Ultras do inspire. Enormously. So what have I been doing this last week? Well, here are some pics from an enormously satisfying and entertaining week including instructing fellow doctors in Advanced Pediatric Life Support, being on call and spending time with little Panda’s uncle who came to visit

But no need to despair – I have an appointment at the gym first thing tomorrow morning! 14 days left to arguably the biggest, coolest and most awesome marathon in the world. Dare I set my sights on a PB? YES I CAN!!!

One of the short  of running I managed to squeeze in this week

Squeezing in a short trip to the gym.

Don't worry. They're only dolls.

Don’t worry. They’re only dolls. And some leftover ketchup from lunch.

Out for a stroll in lovely Ekebergsparken.

Out for a stroll in lovely Ekebergsparken.

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