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Our Last Pre-Race Update

Hello everyone! Just wanted to give you guys a quick update before the races kick off in earnest and we won’t have the time to update you quite as regularly. Dad and I set off from Göteborg on Sunday and drove through the night before arriving in Chamonix Monday afternoon. So far it’s been a week full of impressions and I’lll try to give you a detailed report of everything in due course. Not only did I have a last-minute run and chat with my extremely talented and outstanding coach Sondre Amdahl, who is here to defend last year’s seventh place at the UTMB, but I have also brushed shoulders with the likes of Anton Krupicka, Scott Jurek and my dear co-coach Margo! The UTMB here in Chamonix really is the biggest ultra trail running event in the world with more than 7 500 runners participating in one of the five races during this week! The PTL (300 km) started Monday evening and the TDS (119 km) set off yesterday morning. That leaves the OCC (53 km) for today, and the CCC (101 km) and UTMB (168 km) for Friday.


For those of you who wish to follow us, the easiest option is to visit UTMB’s official webpage at and then click on the link that says LIVE TRAIL, or simply click this link Enter our surname KLCOVANSKY in the top left window and both of us will pop up on the screen. Then you simply choose one of us and voilá: you can choose between following us on an altitude chart, a checkpoint-list or on a map. Please keep in mind that we will only be registered at the checkpoints, so several hours can pass in between the checkpoints. Dad’s race OCC starts today, Thursday 27th August, at 08.15 in the morning, and my race UTMB starts on Friday 28th August at 18.00 in the afternoon.



Don’t forget that we’re raising money for our charity Hand In Hand International, and that we’d love for you to visit our website at and help us out with a donation of your choice. You lovely and extremely generous people have already helped us reach our goal of € 2 500, but we’d love to reach € 3000 since that would mean that Jakob, Jakob and Jozef have raised 100 000 SEK since we started raising money for charities during our races!

Thank you SO much and God bless! Think of us tomorrow and during the rest of the weekend and keep your fingers crossed that we manage to finish our respective races in one piece.

Loads of love!

Jakob, Jakob and Jozef

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