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Tomorrow morning, we’re off!

Our race jerseys from Unicef arrived yesterday! Unicef has very generously supplied all four of us athletes with a race jersey, and we’ve also received some support jerseys for our fans! Thank you Unicef! You’re awesome!  Regarding the “race”-part of the jerseys, well, we wont actually be using them during raceday. Not unless we’d like some hideous nipple chafing for four hours straight. You see, you never run a long distance race in new clothes and stuff. Like, ever. It’s like begging the bearded God of Marathon to slap you in your face with his water bottle. You get chafes and wounds and general pain and suffering all over. No, what you do is use old, well worn out clothes yoy’ve run in a million times before. Jakob, however, has taken this to extremes, having run every single race in the same pair of shorts and shirt. Rumours say he has a pretty generous airventilation down front, but my eyes have never strayed there lest they go blind. You’ve been warned, ladies and gents. Instead, we’ll wear the Unicef shirts during the race number pickup, underneath our QAC-jerseys.

Snow in Oslo!

Wednesday 31 October and time for the last training run of the week. The streets here in Oslo are slippery with ice and snow and last night there were some close calls where both of us came within an inch of face-smacking the sidewalk. That would have been a disaster for the post-finish photos. Well, for me, at least. Jakob already broke his nose in a disagreement with a certain tricky downhill slope half a lifetime ago, so he’s already aesthetically deformed. Some of us are still handsome though, and need to take care of our appearance.

Relaxing with some hot apple pie

Late this evening, after having packed all of our gear, I ran a short little run of 30 minutes down to Majorstuen. All in all a nice experience, although a bit wet. The rain has been pouring steadily down the entire day, not letting up even once. And before you ask if Jakob is weaker than I am (Yes!), he was feeling a bit off and didn’t want to risk a cold in the rain. Probably a wise move… Maybe we’ll still have time for a short run in Central Park on Thursday. Let’s hope so. We need to be cool and chillaxed, our legs twitching with anticipation come race morning.

Tomorrow morning, we’re off!
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