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The NYC Marathon is humbled by Sandy

Hurricane Sandy hit New York with tremendous power last night. According to CNN, the superstorm has caused several deaths and the region is still reeling from the blow. The southern parts of Manhattan are flooded, hundreds of thousands have been evacuated and up to 7 million people in several states have lost their electricity. New York City’s 108-year old subway is flooded and it could be up to four days before it starts running again. At the moment, it is unclear whether or not the marathon will be held as planned in five days time on Sunday, but these things seem trivial compared to the devastation the city has been through. Both Jakob and I have family and friends in New York City and we pray and hope that they are safe and well. All flights from Stockholm and Oslo to New York have been cancelled and come Thursday we will see whether or not our flights will depart as planned. We’ll keep you posted!

Flooded avenues on Manhattan following hurricane Sandy

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