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Dark and muddy in Slovakia

The most violent storm to hit New York in more than a hundred years. A marathon cancelled less than 40 hours prior to its start. A vindication of sorts in the form of an alternative race at 7 am on marathon day. Fantastic breakfasts, lunches (here’s looking at you, Michelin-star-awarded Breslin) and dinners. Wonderful strolls through Central Park and soothing visits to the Metropolitan and Guggenheim. Absolutely awesome parties at New York’s hippest (we were told so!) and most exclusive (well, obviously not, since they let us in) clubs (the VIP-lounge at the rooftop of Meatpacking District’s the Standard vs. simply, the Box). Morning runs along East River, across Williamsburg Bridge and back across a beautiful Brooklyn Bridge. Presidential election-night-bonanza. Shopping ’til we literally dropped. Renting an SUV and playing really loud and offensive rap with our windows down. Driving through a New Jersey snowstorm. Admiring the High Line. Haggling with cheap antique dealers. And finally a champagne luncheon with our family. Read more

An alternative marathon

Sometimes you have to punch your friend in the face to make sure he’s not dreaming. Or was it pinch your own arm? Anyway, as depressed as we were yesterday, we sure managed to turn it into positive energy today! I apologize, by the way, for the melancholy tone of yesterday’s post. Reading through it I almost seemed suicidal, which clearly was not the case. Even so, we were pretty bummed, as it were. Read more

The marathon that never was

I feel it pretty hard to verbalise my thoughts right now, even though more than a day has passed since the marathon was cancelled. In just a few more hours, the alarm was supposed to go off and we’d file downstairs for an early breakfast before being loaded onto the buses headed for Staten Island and the starting line. We’ve been waiting for this day for more than two years, dad, Jakob, Per and I. Read more

The NYC Marathon is humbled by Sandy

Hurricane Sandy hit New York with tremendous power last night. According to CNN, the superstorm has caused several deaths and the region is still reeling from the blow. The southern parts of Manhattan are flooded, hundreds of thousands have been evacuated and up to 7 million people in several states have lost their electricity. Read more


Idag kom resepappren på posten. Och med dem lite fjärilsnervositet i magen, precis som vanligt. Orange startnummer 30845 och starttid kl 10.05, i startvåg 2 av 4. Whoop-whoop! Read more

Löparnas nya kläder

Varje löparklubb med självkänsla behöver enhetliga träningskläder. Inför NYCM i november har vi beställt varma luvtröjor från Craft med vår fina logga på bröstet. De är mjuka, mysiga och har löparnas namn tryckta på ryggen. Så folk vet vem som precis sprungit förbi dem i spåret.

Pappa modellen

Read more