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Rainy, rainy, rainy

As I was waking up this morning, the rain was tapping gently on our slanted roof windows. My first thought: OK, I’ll push back my planned two-hour-run to the afternoon. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is more appealing when waking in the morning than slowly lower your head to your inviting, soft pillow and resume your calm and soundless breathing. Because you don’t snore, of course. Despite your wife’s comments to the contrary. Another funny thing is that your mind is never as adept at finding excuses for skipping planned training than in the morning, fresh from having rubbed the Sandman’s sleeping powder from your eyes. Hm, I wonder if the kitchen needs a proper scrubbing? Or maybe one of my socks need mending?

So guess what happened with the rain this afternoon? Well, surprisingly, it got worse. And worse. And soon, the run couldn’t be put off any longer. I actually love running in the rain, but it’s the starting out that’s difficult. And that’s the point. Training in general and running in particular is like pulling a band aid off an old wound. Best do it quickly. And that’s what’s supposed to separate us from the couch potatoes; not speed, agility, fancy shoes or even the comfortable sofa. It’s the discipline. On our good days. Our club got itself a new motto in New York, or rather: a motto to add to the rest. No. Days. Off.

Oh, and today, we’re introducing the Screendump. Brought to you from our friends at Suunto and Garmin, the dump illustrates our training runs, including among other things; distance, speed and altitude. Despite the rain (and snow at the top), the run was fabulous. Love running in the rain. As long as I get started.

Up and down to Ullevålssæter, a personal and hilly favourite.

Speed and altitude superimposed, with some extra stats at the bottom. Quite happy with the altitude today: 357 vertical metres.

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