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Why we do all this is a question often asked by friends and family. People are curious what motivates us. This is particularly true in my family where,  until recently, the biggest athletic achievement was performed by my dad in 1995 when he ran 25 meters between the car and the office front door. In such context you can imagine that the question of why is enigmatic.

Truth be told, its not a simple question to answer. Sitting on the plan to New York, Jakob and I were discussing what motivates us. Things like “keeping fit”,  “spending time together”, “experience stuff”, “travel” popped into our heads. That is all true, but we can keep fit by going to a local gym and we can spend time together in roof-top bars and good restaurants. So what is it? To be frank, im not sure. But whenever this doubt makes me feel lazy I look at this video and get fully energized and motivated to go out training.

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