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Sultan Marathon des Sables – Message from runner/du concurrent 0978

The first stage of 37 km is finished. It was more exhausting and took longer than we expected, but we feel pretty good. We reached the camp after 6h and 39 minutes. Jakob and I somehow miscalculated the amout of sand in Sahara, so as soon as we started running in the beautiful sand dunes, so typical for the desert, our shoes filled with so much sand the foot didnt have any space and curled up. It is not only annoying, but time consuming to empty the shoes. We are working on a solution. The desert is as astonihing as we could imagie. There are the fantastic dunes which we recommend admiring from a distance. Running in them is terribly hard. So far the wind has been blowig all the time. The tents consist of 6 wooden poles covered by a black rugg and a red carpet covers half the floor. When temperatur drops to +5 and the wind picks up its intensly cold. The only place you can be in is your sleeping bag. Dont forget to help us raise money for the Children’s Ward at

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