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Sultan Marathon des Sables – Message from runner/du concurrent 0977

We finished the 38k of leg 3 today in just under 7 hours meaning weve run 105k in 3 days :) Today the temperature peaked at 41 making it tough going and as always the sand is a big issue running with bad gaiters. Stiff shoulders and aching blisters aside though, were having a fabulous time! This is the way to see the Sahara = on foot. Yesterdays 30k of leg 2 were particularly hilly which suited us brilliantly and we climbed almost 100 places in the rankings. Todays results are not in yet but hopefully we havent fallen to far. Were only allowed 1 mail/day but please know that we are thinking of all of you! YOU on the other hand can send us mails as well and weve already received several. Thank you so much! Your mails mean a lot and help us in the evenings when were tired and sore :) And finally: please remember to donate to the children at SFH! Were counting on your support. Many warm hugs, loving kisses and heartfelt thanks to all of you! Tomorrow the longest leg (75k) awaits… J&J :)

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  1. Tad #

    You guys are FANTASTIC. Do not disappoint us tommorow :-)

    9 April, 2013
  2. Venanzio #

    This is all amazing news! Keep up the good work. I’m following you closely. Stay safe!

    9 April, 2013

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