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Jakob Is Now Officially A Running Coach

I got a mail from coach Stefan the other day, asking me if I wouldn’t be interested in a course for aspiring running coaches. The Scandinavian gym chain SATS has gone into partnership with Urban Tribes (formerly Running Sweden), offering their clients a completely new concept for running group training. These classes will be held outdoors and will mostly be focused on different types of interval training in order to improve runner’s lactate threshold and thereby, hopefully, both their speed and endurance. The runners will be organized into different Tribes, depending from which centre they will be starting from, before meeting up with four other Tribes from neighbouring centres in one of Oslo’s beautiful parks. After a brief warm-up run, the runners will divide themselves into groups according to their speed, whereafter the specific interval sessions will commence; Run Tough, Run Speedplay and Run Pace.

Now, what does all of this have to do with me? Well, as it turns out, I applied for the coaching class, got accepted, and will now be one of Urban Tribe’s running coaches for the remainder of the spring! Go figure! Not only will I get to push my own training, but I’ll hopefully be able to inspire other budding ultrarunners and marathoners as well! This is going to be SO awesome!

This post is a shameless appeal for people to come and join us! Coach Stefan, myself and a handful of other coaches will be holding these classes from ten different SATS centres six days a week, running to Frognerparken and Tøyenparken. The Tribe you will want to join is the one running from SATS Vinderen on Mondays (Run Tough) and the one running from SATS Sjølyst on Wednesdays (Run Speedplay), both running their sessions in Frognerparken. But don’t worry, even though the other coaches aren’t as good-looking, they are at least (or slightly more…) competent than myself, and all of the Tribes will be awesome! The sessions start Monday 31 March. Oooh, oooh! That’s TODAY!

So tag along, and run with us!

Frognerparken in all its summer beauty.

Frognerparken in all its summer beauty.

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