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Fighting for the rights of children all over the world

The United Nation’s International Children’s Emergency Fund (Unicef) is the world’s largest organisation for helping children and fighting for their rights. The organisation was founded by The United Nations General Assembly on 11 December 1946, and it’s original goal was to provide children from countries hit by World War II with emergency food and healthcare. In all the years since then, they have fought for every child’s right to a worthy life in accordance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Unicef was awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize in 1965.

A newborn child to Somali parents living in a transit camp at the Libyan border, 2011.

Unicef has several areas of focus, chief among them being children’s development and nutrition, education of both girls and boys, children suffering from HIV/AIDS and malaria and also vaccinations. During the past year, Unicef has endeavoured to help children in settings as diverse as the war in Syria and the food crisis in the Sahel-region in Africa.

Ewan McGregor highlighting the Sahel food crisis.

After a season of heavy snows in the mountains in Mongolia in 2010, a girl is walking home after school.

Running the New York City Marathon, Jakob and I, along with my dad Jozef and miss H’s dad Per, have chosen to raise money for Unicef’s work supporting children all over the world. Our family, friends and colleagues have been enormously generous and we have already managed to raise almost 12 000 SEK. We would be tremendously grateful for your help in increasing the sum even more, and the easiest way for you to donate money is to go to our donation site and follow the simple instructions.

Thank you ever so much and God bless!

Jakob & Jakob

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